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Who We Are...

Sweets 4 Dayz has been a lifelong dream. The dream is to bake Sweet Treats that will make people feel good when they see, smell and taste them. Our mission is to satisfy our customers to the fullest extent by baking products that will exceed your expectations and make you want to come back for more! We want to make beautiful, great tasting treats while providing honest, high-quality service at all times. We want our customers to know that we commit to making them our number one priority and to know that we value all feedback. Our vision is to continuously create new innovative ideas within the baking realm while improving the Sweets 4 Dayz business.

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Our Sweet Treats


The beautiful, decorative, fun, and creative children of the classic dessert cake.

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 A small, flat dessert made from simple ingredients to create a divine treat.

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Cake Pops

A spin off of a fluffy cake transformed into a lollipop style dessert.

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