“I am always excited when holidays and my friends birthdays come along because it means I get the most delicious desserts! Which is odd for me because I don’t like cake, but I love her cake pops!”

-Kate, Wisconsin

I can’t even express how mouth watering her sweets are. The Scandinavian almond cookies are amazing. She’s made them personally for me about 3 times now and I’m definitely going to be getting another batch soon. You can see the care she puts into her cookies. They’re not sloppy, overdone, undercooked, they’re just right every time. They’re delicious and has become one of my favorite cookies.”

-Dominique, Wisconsin


“These are by far the tastiest cake pops I have ever had! They are both delicious and perfectly decorated”

-Samantha, Wisconsin


“The softest and sweetest! The cake pops are hands down some of the best I’ve had ever. Beautiful colors and wide array of flavors, too! I definitely loved these sweets and would definitely eat again”

-Amanda, Wisconsin

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