Pinterest Croissookie: Hit or Miss??

Pinterest is definitely a favorite of many apps that I have and I LOVEEEE finding new recipes and desserts to make. The sad thing is a lot of the time Pinterest recipes don’t ALWAYS come out exactly like the picture, and then this is how I feel….

If you didn’t know I love cats. But anywaysss, I decided to try out this recipe called the CROISOOKIE to see if the results looked as good as the picture. AND I’m helping all you guys out by not having to go through the pain of figuring it out yourselves. Your welcome. If you couldn’t tell a croissookie is a mix a Croissant and a Cookie! Oreos, chocolate, and croissants mixed and melted together to create an ooey treat?…sounds like heaven to me!! Plus it was only 5 ingredients!!

13 oreos, 9 circles of puff pastry, some melted chocolate, and half an hour later I was blessed with some warm and delectable croissookies! I wasn’t disappointed this time and I couldn’t believe that they looked EXACTLY like the pictures!



I HIGHLY recommend you all try this recipe. It’s simple, only 5 ingredients, and tastes AMAZING right out of the oven! Click the link below for Sugar & Soul’s Recipe:

I can definitely say that this Pinterest recipe was a HIT and I will be making many many more, maybe even recreating it in my own way in the future. And you know I had to recreate the featured picture because it just finishes the aesthetic. How’d I do?



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