Frida, Roses, and Elvis

It’s been awhile but I’ve got some beautiful cookies to show you all! This past week I had an order for some sugar cut out cookies with designs as roses, Frida Kahlo and Elvis Presley. After a little research and suggestions of what my customer wanted this is how they turned out!

Frida Kahlo:

Elvis Presley Costumes:


As I continue to make more sugar cut outs and try new designs I slowly might be changing my opinion on my favorite desserts to make! I always says cake pops are my favorite, but I definitely think the creative ability I have been able to portray on these sugar cut outs top everything else I’ve made!

I had to show you all another picture of these Frida Kahlo cookies because…dang….I impressed myself and I think they are some of the best cookies I’ve made! It really tested my skills and continues to prove that continuous practice does create results. For the first time I tried using a different consistency of royal icing to pipe out the little flowers on Frida’s head and I loved it.

This order also had a special meaning since each cookie design meant something special to the person it was given to. This brings up my favorite thing about making things for people. Sometimes it can just be a cookie and you eat it and its delicious but other times it can be something that really has an effect on someone and can evoke emotion just from a design on a cookie. The act of giving is a powerful thing!

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