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Deirdra Lambright

Owner of Sweets 4 Dayz

Who is Sweets 4 Dayz? My Sweet Story

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I am Deirdra Lambright, the owner of Sweets 4 Dayz. I am currently in college studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration to help me accomplish my goals of running my own business. On the other hand, I love baking, and I’ll tell you why.

At a young age everyone is asked what they want to be when they grow up. For some reason my first thought was a veterinarian. Of course, as time passed that thought faded away, but another hadn’t replaced it. I was always cooking with my mom and watching the Food Network Channel, but I didn’t realize that I liked baking until a few years into doing annual bake sales around Christmas with my Girl Scout Troop. It became something I looked forward to every year and led me to start baking more at home and for holidays. I learned that there is so much creativity and design in the pastry arts which is one reason why my love for baking turned into a passion.

Throughout all of this, I was interested in business because it was something practical that could be used in many ways no matter what I chose to do in the future. Doing the accounting for my parents’ business, taking business classes in high school and gaining the opportunity to start a recurring summer internship with SC Johnson through my hard work, ambition, and desire to succeed led me to where I am now,  attending UW Madison with plans to graduate in 2021.

My Baking Background


I started baking in Girl scouts for bake sales and eventually began baking for the holidays at home. I took all the culinary arts classes available in my high school and continued my own personal development by watching  the Food Network Channel and online baking videos at home to learn new techniques for baking and decorating my pastries. Although I am in college for business administration right now, I plan to find baking and pastry classes to take throughout obtaining my bachelor’s degree.


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